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Step by step Perfectfit Blind installation guide

Each kit supplied will include the appropriate size and quantity of clips required, four frame sides with blinds attached where necessary, four corner peices and securing screws.

Installing perfectfit blinds  


Lay the frame sides flat, face down with the blind in the closed position. (The blind will be attached to the top section of the frame)

Perfectfit blinds 1  


Insert each corner piece fully into position creating a rectangular frame and tighten the securing screws, ensuring no cords are trapped.



Clip corner covers into place by pushing over each corner of the frame and securing the screws at the back. Do this for all four corners.

Perfectfit blinds 2  


To fit the brackets to your door or window, hold a credit card or similar into the top corner with the longer edge of the card vertical. At the bottom edge of the card slide a clip into position between the glass and rubber seal. Repeat this process for all four corners.

Note: light lubrication with washing up liquid or silicone spray may help.

Additional brackets may be required on longer or wider windows and doors, these will be supplied if necessary.

Perfectfit blinds 3  
perfectfit blinds 4


Line up the holes in the frame with each bracket and snap into place one bracket at a time.

TIP: If there is any movement in your frame on the brackets then you can slide the top brackets upwards slightly and the bottom brackets down.

Now check that your blind functions correctly by operating it several times.

Your perfect fit frame is now installed and ready to use.

perfectfit blinds 5  
perfectfit blinds 6


If you need to remove your perfectfit blind at any time this can be done quite easily. Raise the blind to the top of the frame, so that brackets are visable and simply press a key or pen or something similar into the tag on the bracket to release the frame. Do this to each bracket one at a time, leaving the brackets in place.


perfectfit blinds 7
perfectfit blinds 8  

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