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Roller Blinds.....

Roller Blinds are a very popular choice of window covering as they are simple to use and come in a large array of colours and pattens.

With modern UPVC windows and doors the combination of roller blinds with the Perfectfit system has many advantage.

Roller Perfectfit Blind

View our large selelection of colours and materials/fabrics in our online fabric book below

Fabric Book

If Perfectfit Roller blinds are what you are looking for please do not hesitate and call us on

01895 676 348

or use our Contact form so we can call you back.

Bathroom Roller Blind

Full Range of fabrics and pattens available

Simple to install with no drilling required, so no damage to frames

DIY installation, saving you money

Looks like an integral part of the window or door and not an add on

Ideal for tilt and turn windows

Easily removed to clean window or blind

NO HANGING CORDS - 100% Child safe

Perfectfit roller Blind
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